Emergence 1.1 for Corel Painter Released


After a couple of hiccups, Emergence 1.1 for Corel Painter is now live. Current users have been sent an update email with download instructions. If you are a current user do not receive an update email, email me and I’ll get it to you. Emergence 2020 is also now available for sale here.

This update includes a Workspace file for Painter 2020. It additionally includes a manual installation option that can be installed in Painter versions 2017-2020. This enables the ability to create and save Look files that binds both an Emergence brush and desired Paper grain into a single custom button for easy retrieval.

The manual installation option can be installed into any existing Painter workspace. Many users have asked for this capability so that Emergence can be installed into a user’s preferred workspace.

If you have Painter versions 2017 thru 2019, you must use the manual installation to replace the previous workspace file. Choose a preferred workspace and install Emergence 1.1 there. I will not be updating the 2017-19 Emergence workspaces; the manual installation is now the standard installation for older versions of Painter. I am doing this to reduce the updating process. It is simply too time-consuming to create multiple different workspace files for all versions of Painter.

There are new installation and Look management videos that demonstrate how to create your own library of Emergence brushes. Please take the time to watch and refer to these videos for customizing your installation of Emergence.