New Artwork Using Emergence

West Bottoms, kansas city

Ever since releasing Emergence, I’ve been working on how to best employ it in my own art. Emergence brushes are designed to create a complex texture within each stroke. As a result, this complexity needs to be contrasted against simple shapes and line-work.

I have a long history of taking photographs of architectural elements utilizing a flat orthogonal point of view. Using such a photo as a starting point, I have been able to break the composition down into its simplified parts and fill the separate areas with Emergence brushwork. The idea is to create a balance between the source photo and its painted representation.

Original Photo

An interesting byproduct of this balance is an internal compositional flexibility making it easy to crop the image into further related compositions similar to a fractal.

West Bottoms Detail

west bottoms detail

I’m going to be printing the full image at a scale that enables the textural complexity to compete with the simplified shapes and lines.