Now...Where was I?

It has been a Good Long While that my website and this blog have been off the radar. I had a Flash-based site for several years. Flash, however, has been dying a long death for as long. I began planning on a replacement and just sunk into the quicksand of website creation. I eventually settled on Squarespace as a platform and have been in a kind of website purgatory for what seems like forever.

I have had plans —forever!— to combine the former pixlart Flash site and Google Blogger PixlBlog page to centralize everything, including an art gallery and digital brush sales. But the PixlBlog is a priority and needs to get back into circulation. So here it is. The rest will be forthcoming (I’ve actually got those sections well underway and will endeavor to get them live ASAP.).

What you’ll currently find here is a curated group of earlier posts from the old blog, as well as a couple of articles I wrote initially on linkedin. Speaking of which…I continue to write courses for Linkedin Learning (mirrored at My latest is Painter 2019 Essential Training. I have also been working on a long-term expressive Painter brushes project that will be seeing the light of day soon (before the end of the year).

Consider this site in the beta stage with more to follow. Please bear with me as I get up to speed with Squarespace.I hope you’ll check in regularly to watch this website expand to its full scale. I will be posting here regularly going forward…I promise!