John's Artists' Brushes & Dry Media User: David Reid


Artist and photographer David Reid created this surreal landscape using a combination of John's Artists' Brushes and John's Dry Media. I first profiled David's work last June.

David writes:

I just thought you'd like to see another one of my paintings created from your fantastic brushes. This one was created from a mixture of the dry and media brushes.

I added some depth to the brush strokes to give it a more 3D approach. It too about 3 hours in total, though am still not sure of the hat and scarf though the umbrella seems to work well.

The brushes I like the best are the the flat blenders and chalk dry brushes as the texture they give is fantastic. Many thanks for creating the lovely brushes.

You can see more of David's work at his website.

If you have an image created with my brushes, send me a JPEG and I'll feature it here on the PixlBlog!

John's Artists' Brushes User: Dominic Orologio

Click to view image progressives

Dominic Orologio is a freelance Art Director and Designer by day, and a hopeful commercial illustrator by night. Dominic writes, "I tried my hand at my life long dream recently, which is to break into the comic book biz as a cover artist. It's slow going. So now I've shifted to putting together a stylistically cohesive portfolio of editorial work. I have a couple reps that said they would be interested in rep-ing me if I put together some pieces in the style you see here. Wish me luck.

I wanted to thank you for your Artists' Brushes. They are great! CS5's brush engine is a long-awaited dream come true, and your brushes manage to take advantage of every nuance it was intended to express.

In my process, I bounce from canvas to Photoshop a couple of times on a piece. But now that I can finally achieve the life and spontaneity I would normally rely on my canvas for, it's gotten a lot more streamlined. And these brushes helped me achieve that. Very well thought out, and very appreciated. This piece took about 10 hours total."

You can view a progression of Dominic's painting by clicking the image above. Check out Dominic's work at Comic Cover portfolio and his design site.

John's Artists' Brushes for Photoshop CS5 are now available at an introductory price of $19.95. If you have Photoshop CS5 and are into painting, this will be the best investment you can make!

John's Artists' Brushes for Adobe Photoshop CS5

If you have an image created using John's Artists' Brushes, send me a JPEG and I'll feature it here on the PixlBlog!

William Low: Traditional Illustrator Goes Digital

William Low is an award winning painter & illustrator with a reputation for exploiting light, color, visual perspective and emotion to create images that viewers find an immediate emotional connection with. Even with decades of painting under his belt, William Low continues to grow artistically.

His latest computer paintings reveal a seamless transition from traditional to digital media. He was not surprised that his digital work met with resistance at first, given the computer's reputation for producing cold, sterile images. Utilizing his skills as a painter, William has helped to change this perception. His digital images are remarkable for their emotional depth, color, texture and even their painterly brush strokes. In fact, many people are surprised to learn, when they see his work on the printed page, that the images were not the product of traditional media.

William has created a trio of highly informational and inspiring videos in which he details his digital illustration process: