Painter Brushmaster David Gell: Jitter Brush

David Gell is a Painter Brushmaster extraordinaire. His blog, Jitter Brush, is a candy store of high quality Painter brushes, tutorials, and utilities. Pictured above is a sample from David's latest brush collection, Concept Glow Brushes, designed with the concept artist in mind. Jitterbrush includes several interesting and useful brush collections for download. David regularly adds unique new content, as well.

If you are a Painter brush hound, paint a stroke directly to Jitter Brush!

Paulo Brabo: The Braboblog

Steal Gogh Flowers from Paulo Brabo on Vimeo.

Painter user Paulo Brabo's blog, the Brabolog, is a great source of Paulo's art, Painter brushes, and other goodies. Paulo's frequent posts of videos highlighting his quick and efficient painting style are worth putting the Braboblog on your list of frequent you can pick up some really great brushes!

It's Official...

I am currently working on a new title for Corel Painter 11: Mastering Brushes. I've been wanting to do this title for a long time, and the stars have finally aligned. In my workshops and emails, I constantly detect a definite "fear factor" when it comes to Painter's Brush Controls.

I'll admit that these controls can look like a 747 cockpit to many, but there definitely is a method to the madness and I intend to create a brush "bible" of sorts that takes the veil off of this crucial aspect of Painter.

Rather than solely relying on Painter's brush presets—Variants—users should feel comfortable adjusting and crafting brushes to suit one's own unique expressive voice. This is the goal of Mastering Brushes. Even though it is titled to reflect Painter 11, this title will be educational for users of any version of Painter.

The release date hasn't been set, but there is a good chance I'll be recording this title at in Ventura, CA in December. If you don't see me here as often in the next month or so, now you'll know why!