Emergence User: Richard Okun

GoldieLocks  Artist: Richard Okun

GoldieLocks Artist: Richard Okun

Author and illustrator Rich Okun uses Painter as a primary tool in his work.

I've been painting all my life and since I discovered Painter and digital media - I'm never going back to traditional media - I do not miss the mess, stench, toxicity, expense etc. at all - I think if Corel Painter, Wacom tablets, and digital painting were around back then, Leonardo would be playing all day on his computer.

Rich recently purchased Emergence and sent the above painting.

I purchased Emergence the other day and wanted to tell you how happy I am. My subjects are typically portrait and/or animals - less so on backgrounds and landscapes. I've played around with Emergence for a while and did this painting which I love. I used every single one of your brushes and several papers in this painting. I think your system gives it a dimensional quality that I have not been able to achieve digitally. 

You can see more of Rich’s work at his website: The Sun, the Moon, the Stars, and Maya.