A Preview of My Upcoming Painter Brushes

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One of the primary features of my upcoming Painter brushes is that they produce emergent brushstrokes. What does this mean? As strokes are painted, each produces a unique textural variation. The result is that no two strokes will ever be exactly alike.

Consider the textural complexity observed throughout the surface of a snowy mountainside. Many local features will appear related, yet no two features will be identical. It is the nature of self-similar features viewed at different scales that create the richness of detail observed in every part of the scene. Textural complexity such as this engages our visual senses and creates interest.

I created the above image with my new emergent brushes. The resulting painting rivals the complexity typically associated with a photograph. This is merely one application of the brushes. They are capable of a much wider range of expression. I will be posting more examples of these brushes in action as I prepare them for release.

Note: I used a mountainscape I found on the web as my reference. This is not cloned; it was created from scratch.