If Walls Could Talk

My brother and I drove down to Topeka, Kansas this past weekend for an air show at Forbes Field. There were 12 DC-3 passenger planes and their military counterpart, the C-47, present at the show.

This is a shot of the dilapidated interior of a C-47 that seen a lot of miles. If only those walls could talk.

It was a DC-3 that I took my first airplane trip in. This was in 1961 (I was 10). I flew from Norfolk, NE to Omaha, NE after a weekend visit with my grandfather. The ticket price? $3.50!

Times have sure changed...and I still love flying.

View from the San Andreas Fault

During my recent stay in Southern California, I visited the Carrizo Plain. The San Andreas fault runs through the plain, producing a long scarp of high rolling hills.

I took this shot atop the scarp looking south towards the snow-capped San Emigdio mountains to the south. The San Emigdio range form a part of the southern edge of California's San Joaquin Valley. Santa Barbara and the Pacific coast are on the other side. The snow on the peaks is fairly rare and completes this vista.

Monarch Clusters at Pismo Beach

On my work trip to Santa Barbara, I was pleasantly surprised to drive by the Pismo Beach Monarch Butterfly Grove. When we lived on Monterey Bay, we used to visit the butterfly grove in Pacific Grove but I didn't have the camera gear I now own. So I took this serendipitous opportunity to photograph these marvels of nature.

Accidental Art Amidst the Oilfields

During my recent trip to Santa Barbara, I spent a day photographing the area around the Carrizo Plain. There are a huge number of oilfields located to the east near Taft, CA., which I drove through to get to the high hills of the Tremblor Range. These unusually-shaped expansion loops are peppered throughout the hundreds of drilling sites. An interesting example of accidental art!